About us

Antonio Botica Gomes, gérant des domaines BG Wine, tenant et regardant un verre de vin.

Antonio Botica Gomes


He began his career at the age of 17 as a cellarman and in the vineyard in the south of France. He dreamed of becoming one day owner of wineries. Often put to the test and confronted with numerous difficulties, he is now renovating cellars, vineyards and buildings to practice professionally in the best conditions with his team. Through his professional encounters, he associates with Loic with whom he carries out many projects. Today they gèrent ensemble les domaines Botica Galy.

Loic Galy, gérant des domaines BG Wine, sentant son verre de vin.

Loïc Galy


Sons of winegrowers from generation to generationLoic made his debut as a cellarman for various merchants in the Aude region. Thanks to his experiences he sets up as a winemaker and creates a company of services of agricultural work with Antonio. A few years later, they bought Château Deumie together and joined forces on many other projects. Today they gèrent ensemble les domaines Botica Galy.    

Sabrina Gomez tenant un verre de vin.

Sabrina Gomes

Responsable Commerciale et Marketing

Sabrina, Antonio's daughter, has always been in the wine world. Après avoir obtenu un master en école de commerce spécialisé dans les vins à l’INSEEC de Bordeaux, Sabrina met en œuvre ses connaissances pour développer la marketing part mais aussi la commercial part of domaines Botica Galy. Elle est également en charge de la partie oenotouristique.

Mélanie Loustalet


Mélanie began her studies in chemistry and went on to obtain her national diploma (DNO) in Montpellier. Passionate about wine creation and animated by her curiosity and epicureanism, Mélanie chose to become oenologist. She has acquired 10 years' experience in the West Aude region, which has enabled her to develop expertise in local terroirs and in bottling. Today, she is Wine Manager at the Botica Galy estates.

Camille Galy, qui vendange.

Camille Galy

Administrative and accounting manager

Camille create her administrative services business in 2019 specialized in the wine world. We have entrusted her with all the group's vineyards. She manages all the administrative and accounting aspects of the estates. Thanks to her studies, Camille understands all aspects of the business. geology and geography that influence viticulture. Depending on your needs, we can provide you with the following specific characteristics of each terroir and its analysis.